Propose a bill to illegalize the selling of animals from puppy mills in Collier County

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Dogs living in puppy mills receive little to no veterinary care & are kept in poor, cramped living conditions, often times die in transit on the way to a pet store destination from lack of water or poor health. The pet store owners/“brokers” see animals as profit, not sentient beings. Animals are euthanized for population control in shelters every day. The tax paying, voting, residents of Collier County agree there needs to be a local ordnance to prohobit the selling of dogs from any source other than from a shelter or rescue group. The aim is to put pet adoptions first, and not continue to allow puppy/kitten mill owners, especially in other states to keep profiting off selling sick animals, which cause heartache for the animals, owners, and threaten the sanitation of the county. #AdoptDontShop 

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