Introducing anti – racism as a compulsory module within secondary schools in the UK.

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By introducing anti-racism as a compulsory module within key stage 3, we aim to enrich all students with a broader understanding of the human race and cultures. We are currently living in a globalized world; diversity is essential for not only personal growth but also for our economic capital. 

How could anti-racism be integrated within our current education system?

  • HISTORY: Civil rights movement, black empowerment, colonialism. Industrial revolution.
  •  ENGLISH: Teaching texts and narratives from POC, offering alternate views on the world in which we live. Opportunities for public speaking, debate, and activism.
  • SOCIOLOGY: Why people who have experienced racism behave the way they do? Why certain subgroups feel marginalised/ alienated from the wider society. Globalization.
  • GEOGRAPHY: Colonisation, Immigration & migration in the UK 21 Century.
  •  PHSE: Real-life documentaries of racism. Discuss solutions on how to eradicate racism which could include workshops, personal experiences, guest speakers.
  • SCIENCE: Scientists, inventors from other races/ cultures.