Better SEN education

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The education system for children with SEN needs is failing drastically, with all the budget cuts for special needs schools and mainstream SEN children who needs extra support or statements in place are being let down by the government. They would rather fund pop up museums and pieces of metal street art then put more funding into schools for the people who need it. They complain not enough students are achieving good grades and continuing on to university and always forget that SEN children are just as bright with the right help to achieve these goals. Most schools only focus on the bright children who can achieve good grades to make the schools look good and over looking the SEN children who could with the right help achieve these grades too. We as parents need to make sure are children are given this help so they to can achieve their dreams. There is also a lot if pressure on teachers trying to help SEN needs in class on top of teaching the whole class, when they have no extra support.I have two children with SEN needs and have struggled to find a school that can cope with my children aswell as others, as their funding has been cut and they do not have the staff to help with the correct resources.