Funding for all for Freestyle Libra Type 1 Diabetes equipment.

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Currently Leicester is the only CCG which does not provide funding for this life-saving equipment. This funding is ONLY denied if you live in Leicester. All other CCG's currently provide this. This equipment costs £50 every 2 weeks as sensors need to be renewed every 14 days.  The equipment enables those with T1D to scan the sensor attached to the skin of the upper arm and see blood glucose results immediately without the need for finger prick blood testing. This is a discreet device and is useful to all T1D sufferers but especially to children and their parents.  

My own 8 yr old grandson is T1D and we have found the sensor to be a vast improvement to finger prick testing especially when out in public places.  My son purchased a sensor as it is not available to my grandson via prescription in Leicester but this was an expensive one off purchase to enable my grandson to enjoy a more carefree holiday.   He can be scanned instantly with no need for blood testing in public places which he finds quite distressing. He was diagnosed last year and this has meant a complete change of lifestyle for everyone in the family.  Type 1 Diabetes is an unavoidable auto immune disease which requires meticulous monitoring and fast action. The sensor enables not only blood glucose screening but can show whether levels are being maintained, becoming too high or too low thus enabling the avoidance of distressing hypo's and elevation of blood glucose levels which, if carefully controlled, can help to prevent the devastating future complications associated with T1D.

There are many children with T1D who are being denied this equipment in Leicester as their parents/carers cannot afford to pay £1200 per year for sensors. It is unfair that Leicester is the only place denied this funding and the Leicester CCG are currently "undecided" therefore we need as many people as possible to put pressure on them to make this happen. 

This should not be a post code lottery.  This should be available on prescription for all or for nobody. Theresa May uses the Freestyle Libra but unfortunately we are not all in such a high earning category; children have no choice as they do not earn and rely solely on their parents/carers. 

Please sign the petition to enable us to request this be available to all. We realise there is great pressure on the NHS but this is life-saving equipment available only if you currently live outside of Leicester. 

Thank you.