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Local Governments of Cities and Counties Need to be Elected Fairly: Change Local District Elections into Proportional Voting for All.


In all our elections, we only vote for a winner in a collective race, like sending an ambassador to represent a tiny district. We do not select our representatives based on who each of us likes nor on what our real individual needs are. Please help change this.

In the district elections we now have, just one seat is given out to a single  person with just the majority of the collective votes of a tiny area. The end result is that all across the United States we find that close to all the seats at the local levels of cities and counties belong to a single political color. Of course each vote may be important for the win, but in the system we now have our individual choices are really not that important in their specifics.

To contrast this with proportional voting, close to all votes translate into 100% of all the seats in the other democratic system. Help us put that system in place at the local level.

The outcomes are quite different. Our district elections benefit some very specific candidates unfairly, while blocking others to sit at the table of decision makers. Like a game of basketball, we end up in our electoral system with tall political players only around the table. They may appear different from one another, but collectively it is obvious that they are all tall. This electoral unfairness must be changed.

Sign up for Proportional Voting for cities and counties, because our nation should be built on real competition, not on having local governments be run by just one kind of political people.

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