Ban the use of guns for any piercing

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places like Claire's use guns to pierce children's ears doing so is putting the child at risk from serious infections and unnecessary trauma. 1st of all the gun cannot be cleaned properly so that blood borne infections are not pasted from one person to another this means that any one that is having a piercing using this method is at high risk of H.I.V,hepatitis etc. 2nd the guns use a huge force to push a blunt object through the skin so give an effect like it would if you was shot a small entry hole and large exit hole causing unnecessary trauma and discomfort leading to infections and serious illness and the jewellery that is used is then on too tight and can end up buried in the skin and cause more discomfort and scaring . 3rd a baby or child is not able to consent and understand the consequences and risks that go with any piercing therefore piercing a child is against their will and is assault. The use of guns use of guns to pierce should be banned. and an age limit for piercing babies/children should be put in place before more children get seriously hurt.