Mandatory alert system for daycare absence

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Goal - to make it mandatory that child care centres and kindergartens in Australia must contact parents/carers of absent children.

This is something that I have been thinking about for a while but especially now after hearing the news of the tragic death of a 3 year old boy in Cairns after being left in a daycare minivan.

I believe that it should be a legal requirement that all child care centres/kindergartens have a system in place to message or call the parents/carers of any child that is enrolled to be in care on a particular day if the child has not been signed in by 9.30am and there has been no prior communication regarding the absence by the child’s parents/carers.

It is already a requirement in the school system and most have an automated messaging system showing that the programs are available and this should be the same for child care centres.

If this had already been a legal requirement potentially the death of the boy in Cairns would have been prevented.

Please sign my petition and I will be writing to my local member plus writing to my son’s child care centre to encourage them to initiate a process.

I encourage everyone else to also write to their child care centres and local members.