Keep the Splashpads Open

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Ariel Carmona
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Splashpads are a great way for children of all ages to cool off and enjoy some water play. Currently in the city of Victoria, Texas, there are three splashpads which are open to the public from March through September, on days that are expected to exceed 65 degrees, with various other stipulations at play as well. For example, the splashpads are only accessible on the weekend for many of the months they are considered to be open. Despite September being the official start of the fall season, in South Texas, fall can usually be considered a second summer, with temperatures surpassing 65 degrees. With the splashpad minimum temperature regulation set as it is presently, there are many weeks and weekends during which the splashpads could be available to be utilized by the community. Most, if not all, of the splashpads run on a timer, so there is no water being wasted while the splashpads are unoccupied. The greatest commitment of resources in regard to changing this matter comes in the form of manpower, as someone will need to open the gates and empty the trash; however, two of the three splashpads are located in a park, which require daily maintenance. Therefore, keeping even two of the three splashpads open for a greater period of time would not have a major impact on the city’s resources.


These splashpads are a wonderful asset to the area and a fun location for many families to spend their time.  We, the undersigned, request that the splashpads are open every day that the temperature is predicted to be greater than 65 degrees.