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four far to Long drugs and people having been driving drink over the  driving limit and have been misused on our street in west yorkshire and the police will not do anything about it. you report it to crime stoppers and the police and your local council officer and street wardens and councillors and landlords and more services and nothing is done. 

In the UK the drink driving limit is: 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath; or. 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood; or. 107 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine.

people that are doing them drugs and driving drink are also putting genuine strain on an NHS and 999 team by having to call them out. 

people are not getting the support they need to stop using drugs and going to sex work to pay for there fix

 needles and drug paraphernalia left on are streets that young child play on that pick them up and think they are toys 


People need to also start getting fined for been drink on the street and if you jump into a car or van drink and you crash and kill someone you need to get a life in prison for doing it not just a £800 fine for it.


Ovenden ward Councillor Helen Rivron says

I am very concerned about the drugs problems, I have been in regular contact with the police about this and another meeting is organised for next month. However I don't think there are easy answers and would distrust anyone who says there are. I agree that cannabis use is more open and blatant that I have ever known it. This is the case across West Yorkshire not just Halifax. For whatever reason there does not seem to be any fear of police prosecution, whether lack of resources or other priorities -we need an honest debate on this. Likewise I know that in private many police officers have said that the war on drugs is not winnable -again we need an open debate. Where people have problems with addiction they will get the drugs from somewhere but at times of austerity addiction services are not seen as a priority. If you need evidence for the lack of easy solutions, look at the drugs problem in prisons. It should be really easy to stop drugs entering prisons yet they are in fact easy to obtain in prisons and drugs problems are rife. I will continue to work to address this problem but I am not promising easy answers and would not trust anyone who does. Helen Rivron


Park ward Councillor Mohammad Naeem says

There are stake holder meetings almost every month and more between the Police and relevant Agencies. The issue is on the agenda and action is pending.


James Baker, Liberal Democrat Party, Councillor for Warley ward in Calderdale says

Thanks for getting in touch Lucas. I’ll raise it with the Police on your behalf as one of your Councillors.

Sadly now the Police are run but what I consider an over paid Police and Crime Commissioner. Their poor management along with Government cuts to their funding has creates a toxic combination. Crime is now on the rise in Calderdale by 8% last year.

In terms of drugs use I firmly believe this also needs to be tackled as an education and social problem. Many people who take drugs also have underlying mental health problems that we need to address.

Sadly we are losing the ‘war in drugs’ and need a user focused approach that seeks to support people with addictions and other vices to lead healthier and happier lives.

Yours sincerely



Ex skircoat Ward Councillor Andrew James Tagg says 

I was one of the few councillors that stood up to the drug dealers in central Halifax but was attacked by Labour branded a racist. The result of all this Labour mobilised the Asian community and I lost my seat. The state of affairs with WY police has been a hands off approach and we now see the consequences. Holly Lynch is full of BS re fighting crime. She has never stood up to the Asian drug dealers because it’s the Asian community who gets her elected. It’s also unfair to the decent Asian residents who live in fear of these drug lords so she is not supporting them either

I hope this answer my position


District Commander, Chief Superintendent Dickie Whitehead, said: “We will not tolerate those who think it is acceptable to conduct their criminal activity in our district.

We know only too well the devastating impact that drug dealing can have, often being the catalyst for other offending and ripping the heart out of communities.

Read more at:


Holly Walker-Lynch MP Labour Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom

would not comment about the drugs or drink driving in halifax


Craig Wingater mp calder valley says 

we are very concerned about this problem which is the scourge of our society and leads on to other more serious crimes. Please be assured we will do everything we can to raise this issue. Kind regards


PC Leefox from Leeds says

Road Safety isn’t just about looking after the highways, it incorporates the wider aspects of how we behave on the roads and interact with others.

The sad fact is that most road traffic collisions are down to human error so using the roads with care and consideration for your own safety and the safety of others is really important. Data on traffic accidents and casualties

They are too many people doing drugs the police don't have the money or funds to carry out checks and courts don't do anything about it just a fine and that it.


Please sign this and lets put a stop to drugs and drink driving in West Yorkshire and get something done about it before more innocent people are killed

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