Dads need baby change tables too

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Dads need baby change tables too

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There must be universal participation among owners of local businesses that have public bathrooms to accommodate baby change tables in men’s washrooms within “family” establishments, due to a considerable rise in dads as primary caregivers to their small children. 

In only 5 years, the increase in the number of stay-at-home dads is over 20%, and it is clear that there should be urgency among local business owners to want to quickly accommodate that kind of rise in potential customers. 

When Oscar Wilde wrote: “Why should there be one law for men, and another for women?” he may as well have been saying “Why shouldn’t there be change tables in men’s bathrooms, like there are in women’s bathrooms?”

Why should women be the only gender to be able to comfortably, privately and hygienically change their young children in a public bathroom? If a so-called “family”-friendly establishment does not have appropriate change amenities in the bathrooms intended for both sexes, they are woefully behind the times and risk the loss of both the dad who will not patronize their under equipped establishment, and the other family who is put off by a baby being changed on the table, bench, floor, or counter beside them.

Dad Club London is driven by the essential need to accommodate and respect fathers as being capable and competent to provide full functionality as a parent who raises, loves, and provides for their child.  Not providing these fathers with equal  access to a change-table in a public washroom facility undermines all work done by progressive parents to develop a community of equity and acceptance.


Once this petition reaches 500 signatures, we will distribute it to all businesses identified in our area as not being dad-friendly for dads with children in diapers.  A change table costs $332 to purchase, and in exchange for this expenditure, Dad Club London and its 1700 members will host a future event at a local business that makes itself dad-friendly.  


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