Malvern Pump Track Campaign

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We want to inspire the youth of Malvern to get outside on their bikes, get fit and have fun. We all know cycling is a healthy activity and a sustainable means of transport and getting kids into it from a young age can lead to a life-long habit. What we need is an off-road, open air, free to use pump track. 

Pump tracks are non-racing cycle tracks that are typically one to two metres wide and include a variety of rollers, jumps and banked corners. Modern tracks with a tarmac finish can be used by scooters and skateboards as well as bikes, they can be used in all weather and require very little maintenance.

Pump tracks are suitable for any age and ability however they are great for engaging and challenging older children who have "grown out" of traditional playground facilities. In other areas pump tracks have been proven to reduce antisocial behaviour.

The popularity of cycling is now at an all time high and with nothing like this within a 20 mile radius we think it's time for something new. We hope you agree? If so please sign and share and include your postcode so we can show local demand.


The Malvern Cyclesport team