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Traffic lights on the Runnels Brow bridge

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Stop accidents by introducing traffic lights at the humpback bridge which will slow down traffic making passage safer and prevent the use of horns which spooks animals such as horses and creates noise pollution. All together making the roads a safer and more pleasant environment. I know you might not see the point in traffic lights due to low volumes of traffic when there aren't road works on but at the very least these traffic lights could save one life out of the very many that are put in jeopardy each day this bridge is used, road works or not. If you, like me, use the bridge regularly which includes the times that it does not experience this increased traffic flow and i'm sure you have experienced and inconsiderate or dangerous driver. Now at the very least it annoys you, puts you in a bad mood or ruins your day. Now if you were to have a small bump this would amplify this but the way the people treat the bridge is actually life-threatening and it's much easier to implement these strategies than try and change the attitude of all the drivers on the road because it simply won't happen. As a teenager i've seen, including but not limited to, people my age write off cars due to their driving styles and ignorance and i'm afraid many just haven't learnt. It doesn't feel right leaving it these people to have the fate of other people's driving in their hands depending on their driving when they can be so reckless and irresponsible. That's the point of the petition.  

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