Every person has a human right to food

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What is food poverty?

Food poverty is the inability to afford, or to have access to, foodto make up a healthy diet. It is about the quality of foodas well as quantity. It is not just about hunger, but also about being appropriately nourished to attain and maintain health.

How is food poverty caused?

Food poverty is caused by many this for example:

•food shortage


•war and conflict

•mental health issues and many more 

The world provides enough food for 7.5 billion people around the world but this still isn’t enough for all of us.

Thousands of people go homeless each day. Every year homeless people on the street die from deprivation of food with your help and support we can help tackle this recurring obstacle in society.

We at Southwark hub are raising money to empathise with our community to advance a change.

Not only do we provide essential food to our clients we also provide emotional support for struggling clients and families. We act as a pillar in the Southwark community for example opening the door for everyone, no questions asked.

We are concerned that this issue is not expressed enough and people are not informed about these areas of politics.

To help us, we would advice others to donate to food banks near them and try to volunteer in their closest community shelters.

This will help lots of people I need with a choice of having a home and eating properly.