Increase ALL KEY WORKERS ANNUAL LEAVE post Covid 19 Lockdown

Increase ALL KEY WORKERS ANNUAL LEAVE post Covid 19 Lockdown

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HELLO and THANK YOU for taking your time out to view and sign this petition.

During these unprecedented times, most of us all know someone or have loved ones or are KEY WORKERS yourself out there bravely encountering the front line.  It occurred to me (and potentially you may feel similar) - that once this is all over,  our key workers are going to need a proper BREAK and a good REST.

In terms of ANNUAL LEAVE this means they may still only get the ‘pro rata’ days that are left accrued to them for the rest of the year.  I understand if you work in education this could be tricky in terms of how this could be beneficial to you in regards to term times etc.  However I believe that it wouldn’t be fair for our key workers to still have the same annual leave as others who may have been furloughed, when everything returns to the 'new normal' or whatever our futures will look like in the work place.  Of course I can completely appreciate and am sensitive to how hard it must be for those who have been furloughed too on a reduced wage - so it would be great should they have some compensation and justice too.  Also I can understand that everyone who is having to work from home, who are not considered 'key workers' may also potentially feel the same and that more time off should be owed to them in addition, which is also something our government may take into account.

HOWEVER - Our HEROES in the NHS, Delivery drivers, Retail assistants, Royal Mail, Teachers, Firefighters, Cleaners, Care workers, Zoo keepers, Vets, Dentists, and Civil servants etc (please forgive me if i've left anyone out - feel free to add more) ... They ALL deserve INCREASED annual leave added unto them, on top of what they already had accrued before this all began (rolling over into 2021 - maybe even permanent increases!).  Their extra hard work, sacrifice and pure bravery deserves a reward, and I believe as a nation our MENTAL HEALTH and WELL BEING are subjects we've started to really take the time to understand and facilitate in the work place. 

This is SO important, and as a society it's our responsibility to let our employers know that CHANGE needs to happen - annual leave NEEDS to INCREASE (and let's face it - for everyone in general too) so that as an employee you take adequate amounts of time off to ensure your mental health is stable and that you're feeling well enough to continue working within an environment you feel fully supported.

The MAIN PURPOSE of this petition is so that we can be a VOICE for those risking their lives who are exhausted, and upon who's responsibility as a work place - they make sure that the right measures and financial facility is in place via government support.  This is essential to ensure they take ALL the time off they NEED from work afterwards to re-energise and reset (just like a lot of us are getting the opportunity to experience now by staying home whilst they're out doing the opposite.)  Respectfully - I can imagine some of you are probably wondering - 'but if everyone takes more annual leave afterwards - then there will be less personnel to cover the work, and it will have more of a strain on our society' which if I'm completely honest, is also a concern that has certainly crossed my mind too when I thought of this, and it would be irresponsible of me to not take this into consideration.  

However obviously not everyone will be taking time off all at once, and I'm optimistic in the sense that after this has passed - I believe more people will be potentially willing and will be inspired to sign up and train to work in these industries as a result.  Therefore after a certain amount of time - here's hoping there will be enough staff to cover the agreed time off and relief for our key workers will be sufficiently provided in due course.

 Also, I'm sure a lot of you are also thinking as am I that - a 'PAY RISE' is much more needed and if not way more important.  I completely agree - They should also ALL have a significant pay rise.  I haven't included this in this particular petition purely because it's a different subject and believe this deserves it's own petition and special, carefully considered attention for itself. Someone please start this one if it doesn't already exist. :)

So increasing annual leave for our key workers after COVID 19 - is the heart behind this petition, I'm confident that CHANGE can happen if we all pull together and raise the flag for mental health and well being.  I sincerely apologise if I've missed any other important key factors out that may have an adverse effect - or if any of what i've written hasn't agreed with you.  I know I can't please everyone - it's just an idea and we're all welcome to our opinion, so thank you for understanding and taking your time out to consider signing. 

OVERALL, should you AGREE and would like to see the government legislate a compulsory increase in ALL key workers annual leave to ensure their mental health comes first and that they get the well earned rest they truly deserve - then PLEASE KINDLY SIGN.  Let's be GAME CHANGERS - and shift the conversation around annual leave - and let's make this HAPPEN and become a REALITY in our workplaces!

I appreciate your time reading this.

Kind regards and stay safe!



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!