Relief Program for Restaurant Industry Workers

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In the face of the current epidemic, novel coronavirus (COV-19) is causing global destruction. If we do not do something soon, the landscape of American restaurants and bars will change forever.

Right now, we are calling for a comprehensive relief program to be set in place for the restaurant industry.There have been too many layoffs - nationwide over 15 million workers are out of a job, many without paid sick leave or health insurance. This leaves people without the means to pay for their rent, groceries or necessities for their families. Though we, as customers are able to help in small amounts - buying gift cards, making pre-paid reservations for the future, ordering take out and merchandise - these efforts are not enough to keep these institutions afloat. Government aid needs to be provided - a universal income, debt relief and abatement, protection from eviction, tax deferrals.

We owe this small favor to our hospitality peers - to our favorite bartenders who save us from bad or even potentially dangerous dates, the baristas who knows your oat milk latte order by heart and our favorite guy at our neighborhood bodegas, from who we find ourselves ordering our BEC at 2 AM after a night out. We don't want them to disappear but if we don't do anything, they will. Right now, the government only cares about the fast-food companies. They need to care about our local communities now.