Stop the Corporate Exploitation of the London Greenbelt and Conservation Areas

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We call upon the London Borough of Barnet Planning to refuse the planning application for an additional 52 housing units and associated parking spaces inside Mill Hill’s conservation area.

Barnet Council previously rejected the original application for 460 housing units covering 18 hectares inside Mill Hill's Conservation Area and Greenbelt, in what is the single largest and most toxic development ever in Mill Hill’s Conservation Area. Their decision was then overturned by London's Mayor Khan.

Barratt Homes is claiming that the effect of an additional 52 units and 52 car parking spaces will make no significant effect on traffic. This is on top of the 460 units and associated parking spaces already granted by Mayor Khan. Their evidence for this is a traffic survey for The Ridgeway taken during school holidays in July 2015!

Local residents will know that The Ridgeway is almost impassable during peak times. The traffic from this Development, in addition to the increased traffic from the many other new developments across the Borough of Barnet, including: Millbrook Park (Barratt Homes), Pentavia Retail Park (Meadow Residential), and the forthcoming IBSA developments, will only exacerbate the situation.

The original application by Barratt Homes for the redevelopment of the former National Institute of Medical Research Centre, previously licensed to handle Level 3 and Level 4 Biochemical Hazards, into 460 housing units on The Ridgeway will inevitably lead to an increase of noise and air pollution for the thousands of children that attend schools nearby.

The additional 52 units are being treated as 'a minor amendment'.   

There are also two more children’s nurseries planned to open on Burtonhole Lane, meaning more traffic along what is one of the most notorious roads in the Borough.

To be clear, the planning documents are fundamentally flawed, from the failure to recognise neighbouring businesses, to the plethora of alleged historical and ongoing breaches to both the Construction Environmental Management Plan and the Section 106 Agreement.

This Development is of a scale unprecedented, and of an unparalleled toxicity that its true impact inside Mill Hill and London’s Conservation Area and Greenbelt must be properly scrutinised at the forthcoming Hendon Area Planning meeting in October.

This is our final opportunity to have this entire mess of a Development properly scrutinised by our own residents, not the Mayor of London, not Barratt Homes and not Capita who seem to have entirely failed in their duty of care thus far. 


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We are collecting images of the demolition/development as we do not believe that the planning strictures put in place to protect local residents, were properly adhered to. If you have any images, or anecdotal evidence, please send them to 


Please feel free to leave any comments detailing your experiences since the commencement of the Demolition, or contact your local representatives directly. We understand that the MHPS are not opposing this “minor amendment”, as Mayor Khan's office has indicated that this application will be approved anyway.


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