Oppose RST Redevelopment plan for Ashwood trailer park

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We oppose this development.  It's too dense; includes buildings that are too tall and too close to existing Forest Lakes neighborhoods; the unsightly design ruins the entryway aesthetics for the existing community; does not follow all county rules, relying on "waivers" instead to maximize density - a terrible and inappropriate precedent; adds to traffic and may cause substantial back ups / gridlock on Ashwood Boulevard -  the straw that breaks the camel's back for the 850 homes (2000 people) that rely on this road; adds more students to already overloaded school system; has no allowance for mass transit; clear cuts 20 acres and eliminates large stands of mature trees, may cause erosion and siltation of lakes owned by neighboring community; proposes doing the absolute minimum on tree buffers, open space and amenity areas; will decrease property values of 850 neighboring homes; and has proceeded to date with virtually zero involvement of the local community.

This plan needs to be rejected, and the developer needs to go back to the drawing board.

We recognize that this parcel, in the county's 'growth' area, will eventually be developed.  It simply needs to be done in a responsible, limited way that does not cause a wide range of problems for the local community that has been here for 30 years.