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Maintain free parking in our city's downtown

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About two years ago, the City of Hollywood did something tremendous for it's struggling down town businesses - it instituted free parking. And, it worked! At least, it started to work. Previously vacant store fronts began to slowly disappear and were replaced with unique, small businesses that added character and flavor to our city. 

However, in July of this year, the mayor and commission members past an ordinance to bring back charging for down town parking. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the problem of a faction of business employees taking up some of the free parking spaces. Although, most people I've spoken to have never encountered a problem getting a spot that was at the most one block away from there desired destination.

At the very least, the city could have issued its residents a parking sticker to permit us to park down town for free. This could be done in the same registration for a reduced residence rate for beach parking.

Please join me in protesting this short-sighted move by signing and forwarding this petition. Let the City of Hollywood know that down town businesses will suffer and may be forced to close, destroying livelihoods and bringing back an empty down town area once again.

Commission Meeting August 30, 2017 5 p.m. Citizen’s comments. Please join me then to let them know in person.

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