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Reduce the use of takeaway coffee cups within Australia

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The growing problem of takeaway coffee cups is caused by a number of factors with the most immediate cause being the plastic lining within the cups which cannot be recycled or broken down.

It is estimated that ‘up to 90% of all disposable cups end up in landfill equating to around 60, 000 kilograms of plastic waste per year’ (Sarah Whyte, 2016).

Within these landfills, 'it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose only to potentially leak pollutants into our soil and water’ (Renee Cho, 2012).

Many people within Australia have the belief that if it does not affect us directly and explicitly than it is not our problem, that it either does not exist or that someone else will deal with it. It is these types of attitudes that are the underlying cause of over pollution within our environments.

It is our goal to spread awareness on this growing issue and to make a change in societies beliefs on this issue. We wish to spread awareness of this issue and to urge those who wish to make a change for the better to sign this petition to stand against the excessive use of coffee cups. 

This change can be made through your own local cafes and restaurants through the organisation of 'Responsible Cafes'. This organisation can be found here: 

More information on this expanding problem and ways to combat this issue can be found within this organisations site. 

By signing this petition your are supporting the change which is long since due within our society on how we view our environment and our excessive use of unnecessary plastics and takeaway coffee cups.

Thank you. 

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