Taghazout Taxi Drivers Misconduct with Locals and Tourists

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Hello everyone,

I rarely post on the group however I have lived in Taghazout for more than a year now. Unfortunately, I chose to write this post here today out of anger and I wish you bear with me as this is going to be a long post while I try to explain in the tiniest details why I need your support.

I want to believe that there is still a sense of community in this village and that people are treated equally with no bias of race or else.

Today, as I was coming back from Agadir after a visit to the doctor that I currently have to do every other day after a surgery I went through around 10 days ago, I went to the taxi station in Batouar to take a taxi back and as always - I became accustomed to the not-so-friendly ways of the taxi drivers - I had an incident with a taxi driver who asked me not to lean on the seat while waiting for the remaining passenger saying that I will destroy it, I said that I can't possibly destroy a car seat by slightly leaning on it and that I can't stay standing up for a long time because of my health condition; he, then, insisted that I sit down - a request to which I didn't say no. This time, he pointed at my feet saying that I should sit correctly or else. I haven't really quite understood his message and I asked if I had done him any harm by doing this, he then replied that (literally): "It's not your 10 Dhs that's going to fix my car when you break it".

This post might seem unjustifiable for this small incident, but I assure you, that as a Moroccan and a non-Amazigh speaker, I get this every single time I am trying to get a taxi to or from Agadir, and in my condition having to pay a visit to the doctor 3 times a week, I am definitely not ready to re-live this condescending experience every time.

I have thought about writing a complaint to the local authorities in Taghazout and the Ministry of Transportation as well as the Ministry of Tourism about the mistreatment of taxi drivers to the locals and the thievery they use with tourists but have refrained from doing it. However, now, I am starting a petition that I hope I get some signatures on that I will send with a letter in both Arabic and French by priority mail to the local authorities in Taghazout and Agadir, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Transportation.

I know that these people make a living out of this, but to me, there is a big difference between being a savvy business person and a thief.

I will try to be very objective in the letter and I will share an English translation here before sending it and the demands will be strictly in-line with the law;

- Grand Taxis are obliged by law to accept customers and not choose between clients and fight over who pays more
- The public tariff should be shown inside the taxis and also at the station to avoid any crooks
- Taxis that refuse to transport locals should have their public transportation licence removed and they shall keep the touristic licence if that's what they wish to do

Please if you have any more suggestions write them in the comments and I will try to include everything that is realistic in the letter.

I believe that this misconduct only makes people want to leave the area (speaking of my own experience) and creates a toxic atmosphere between the locals and the tourists. I believe that a touristic city/village should offer equal services to both the locals and the tourists and that's how it can thrive, the only thing I see happening now is hatred being nurtured (not specifically by this type of misconduct) which only can lead to bad consequences.