Please give Tom price his horses back!

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The Local Council workers along with South Wales Police have 'seized' around 250 horses, none of these horses were 'welfare cases'. They were in extremely good condition, considering the time of year and the relentless rain we have had for the last 5 months.
The only written explanation given is 'They are likely to suffer if their circumstances don't change'. The fact that they have been in those 'circumstances' through the wettest winter in 60 yrs and, are still looking great, seems to have passed them by.
The real reason they were taken was because they CAN!! Tom Price doesn't fit in with the pretentious neighbours and the Romany Gypsy culture is not understood or accepted.
The government (and it's off shoots) are guilty of nothing more than modern day ethnic cleansing.
The saddest part of it all is that it's done under the banner of 'animal welfare' and yet they are the cruelest. Who would remove rugs late in the afternoon in January from horses that have been rugged all winter and then turn them back out in a different location in the night time?...The so called rescuers did!!!
The horses were not poor when they were taken but you can guarantee they will have already lost weight in their care!!! Jealous people want to get Tom price Down. He is the worldbest Gypsy breeder!! STOP THIS CORRUPTION!MOMO