Safeguarding children issues at Etherley Lane Primary School

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Bullying is a major issue within this school and the concerns are never addressed by the Head Teacher! It appears that this school promotes bullying and places ownership on the victim. What about THE VOICE OF THE CHILD?!?! Parents feel that they are not listened to and some feel hopeless as they are left to watch their child suffer. It is felt that matters have to be taken into their own hands!  I believe that we should stand up as parents to say we are not accepting this, we will not be bullied!!!!! I ask that u sign this petition to STAND UP to bullying and STOP it before it is too late and to ask that this school follows the bullying policy it has in places, takes ownership and addresses matters appropriately. As parents we have a right to know what work is being implemented to ensure that our child is placed within a safe environment whilst at school and what the school are doing to stamp out bullying. 

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