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The Dudley Hippodrome is on the brink of being demolished. The historic building, built in the 1930s, played host to some of the greats including Laurel and Hardy, Judy Garland, Tommy Cooper and many many more. The building is due to be replaced by a University structure, which still hasn't been identified as to what its purpose will be, and whilst we need these facilities there are so many in the Dudley Borough already, that another is just not needed.

The Hippodrome can bring so much into the Town such as touring shows and West End shows, anual festival celebrations, Pantos, important revenue, more visitors and also get Dudley back on the map in regards to arts, culture and theatre life!!! 

And if that's not enough the new Metro line will stop directly outside the Hippodrome, making it the only one in the UK to have a stop directly outside its doors.........meaning less traffic and more people gaining easier access to the theatre. 

The hippodrome has such a unique set up that the various rooms inside, over 20, would also be available to various community groups to access.

All this will only be possible if we get those signatures. So please leave your mark on something that will be of enjoyment for generations to come.....

Thank you �