Bring harvey back home

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See them happy eyes on the beautiful little boy in the picture? Thats the little boyI lost through domestic violence, I wasnt engaging with the social services but thats only because i felt like I was protecting him from them because they let me down as a child and this lead me to having him taken away a second time. The social gave me assessments which I passed and they told me there was no doubt I loved my child but 'love just wasnt enough' I never let my son down with contact and I showed to everyone I knew how much of a loving mother I was. I shared my story with family and friends and inspired many.. I also stoodup In court and gave a ln heartbreaking speech and begged for my child back home where he belongs, can I just say this even made barristers and professionals to cry. My story is such a sad one and inspiring too ive used my grief to help others. The social services take children from parents that are victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse and instead of helping these people they make them feel more of a victim by snatching their child away. If my petition doesnt lead anywhere then please help these women get future help for their mental scars or even put the social workers on a course to learn about the effect of domestic violence and how the perpetrators get under the skin of the victims.. atleast then I'd know my lost little boy would have some justice. In the meantime my childs adoption broke down due to his carer not being able to bond with him and now hes back in care.. I thought they said love wasnt enough? This is unfair and I will try to my last breath to watch my beautiful boy grow.. im begging bring him home where his loving mummy waits with her arms wide open.

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