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Stop children with special needs entering the care system

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There are many families like ours struggling to get their children the right support, My son has ASD (autism spectrum disorder) ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). My son is the most loving and gentle child, he is thoughtful and bright. Unfortunately he can be extremely challenging and aggressive some times, this isn't his fault, he can not control his behaviours, he has high functioning autism, yet for years he's not had any help or support to be able to identify or deal with his conditions, despite the whole family begging and pleading for support. We have spent years advocating for Tylers needs, attended meetings, training courses, and specialist parenting groups, he's stayed with family members all of which have tried to support tyler the best they can. Unfortunately my son was arrested this year, no child should have to go through this, he doesn't choose to be this way. This resulted in him being placed in care to protect his younger siblings, my son hasn't had access to education for almost a year, which just isn't acceptable, he is being failed by local authorities, he's is just a child. It has become apparent that the local authorities need training in ASD to be able to identify and protect children. Too many families are forced to put their children in care as they are unable to get the support to meet their children needs and to protect others. Placing a child into care doesn't help the child, their behaviours are consistent where ever they are placed, it's wrong that any child is away from their parents especially when their family have fought so hard to protect them. Any child should get the support they need and deserve. I'm sure there's many parents like me out there and we need to raise awareness. These situations shouldn't occur, it is neglect and it is the child that suffers further trauma being away from those who love them, and the parents are destroyed.

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