Better Recycling Storage

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Some areas in the UK like Leeds have proper waste bins for their recycling. Areas like here in Harrogate have been given small plastic boxes and blue plastic bags for our recycling. These boxes are useless in the weather we have in the UK. Every morning when the weather has been bad (which let’s be honest in the UK is most days) I end up walking around my garden picking rubbish up and having to fill my bags and boxes again and empty rain water out of them so I can actually carry them to the front of my house. You can get a lid for the boxes but when the wind is bad they blow off too. After my collection when the wind is bad I am lucky to even be able to find my boxes and bags as they have blown away somewhere. 

Its absolutely ridiculous! We should be provided with suitable bins to encourage people to recycle. We need a bin like our household waste. 

Please join me in petitioning to have appropriate bins for our recycling.