Help Save Barchester - Alexandra Court Care Home

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The residents and staff at Barchester - Alexandra Court Nursing Home have been given a lovely present just in time for Christmas, the Nursing home is due to be closed down, and the place they call home or workplace is no longer going to be there.  Alexandra Court cares for 53 residents with various conditions and needs.  A vast majority of them have dementia and it is vital to them and their care to feel they have a safe environment and all of the staff at Alexandra court provide this, they go above and beyond in the care they give the residents by not only giving them the best care but treating them like family.  My Granda was a resident in this nursing home from 2012 until he passed away in November last year and my Gran is currently a resident there and has been since 2016. She has dementia and looks at Alexandra court as her safe haven and its the only memory she has left that she shared with her husband before he passed.  The residents are not the only people who will be suffering in the closure, the staff who work hard 24/7 do not deserve to lose their jobs, the care they provide in Alexandra court is unbelievable, they work hard all year round, sometimes without days off for weeks just to make sure the residents have the care they deserve.  It is so important to try and save Alexandra Court and keep this home open in the community.  Local MP's and MSP's have been contacted about this and are also looking into the matter and helping.  Please sign this petition and try help out my family and all the residents families in keeping this nursing home open.