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Loca Bella Boutique in Dulwich, South Australia have been advertising clothing containing real rabbit fur. Animals suffer immensely on fur farms where they are kept in small cages and then either skinned alive, have their throats slit or are electrocuted anally or vaginally. No animal should have to lose their life for the sake of a piece of clothing or any other reason. Please sign and share the petition below to let Loca Bella know we don't want fur in Adelaide, or anywhere else for that matter

Letter to
Loca Bella Boutique
I am writing to you to voice my concern about the sale of fur within your stores and the constant promotion of animal cruelty.

Each year over 50 million animals are slaughtered worldwide for their fur. Enduring the cramped conditions of their farmed life, they know nothing of a true existence and are then murdered in horrific ways. Animals are skinned alive, left to bleed out fully conscious, beaten to death, anally and vaginally electrocuted; the list goes on.

Not only this but recent shipments of fur to Australia, used by Australian designers, has been found to contain that of cat and dog fur – the fur you are selling may very well contain the hair of man’s best friend. We ask you to consider the message you are sending to your buyers and what it is you are overlooking.

In order to further your understanding and knowledge of this trade, please watch this undercover footage supplied by PETA showing the truth behind the fur industry: http://youtube/k87wTVwGz0g and

By selling, condoning and promoting fur you are undeniably supporting this severe form of animal violence.

I urge you to reconsider the sale of fur in your store.

Please also visit for more information on the horrors of the rabbit farming industry.

I am asking that you remove all fur from inside of your boutique and your online store.