No plastic bags in Loblaws grocery stores

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Loblaws grocery giant should offer paper bags in their bulk area, produce, bakery, and checkout in place of plastic bags.

They already offer paper bags as an option for select products, so it's feasible to also provide the brown bags in additional areas.

In a CBC article from January 2019, Loblaws said it provides a billion fewer bags a year since introducing a small fee in 2009 to encourage patrons to bring their own reusable bags. They also said they recognize that "plastic packaging is an area that needs considerable attention" and that it will take "incremental steps" to tackle it. Loblaws says it has reduced total packaging by 4.9 million kilograms since 2009, but didn't provide a specific figure for plastic.

The next iteration of that process should be to offer paper bag options, storewide.

Examples from other, similar industries: 

  • In 2017 Bulk Barn started a Reusable Container Program.
  • In 2018 Value Village announced it would be phasing out plastic bags and offering a paper bag option at checkout for a low fee.
  • Whole Foods hasn't had single-use plastic bags at checkout since 2008 and their printing and packaging uses recycled paper and water- or vegetable-based. 
  • The LCBO has a number of initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint including mandatory recycled content in all one-way paper bags and the elimination of one-way plastic bags.

Providing paper bags is another way Loblaws can encourage people to be more conscious of their environmental impact and support those who are already taking steps to be environmentally-friendly.