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Petitioning Member of Parliament for Saint John NB Canada Rodney Weston, MP and 3 others

Lobby for change of Statutory Release Act (Reverse Decision to Release Dangerous Sex Offender)

We, as Canadian citizens and taxpayers, do not feel our rights are being protected under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, (see Statutory Release, Entitlement, section 127). Where upon violent offenders are being granted statutory release without having demonstrated a significant level of rehabilitation, our society remains at risk.  We demand said release be denied until such time as an offender is no longer deemed to be greater than low risk to reoffend. We demand the right to feel safe in the communities where these federal halfway houses are located. Our communities, our home!

Letter to
Member of Parliament for Saint John NB Canada Rodney Weston, MP
Minister of Public Safety, House of Commons The Honorable Vic Toews
Chairman, Parole Board National Parole Board
and 1 other
Minister of Justice and Attorney General, House of Commons Marie-Claude Blais, Q.C.
I respectfully request that you review the attached petition and present it, in the House of Commons to Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, on our behalf. We believe this is a critical issue, facing not only those of us residing in Saint John, NB (where not 1 but 2 prisoners with a history of violent sexual assaults were recently released to a halfway house) but also all communities within Canada where a federal halfway exists.

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