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The Solicitor's Regulation Authority is cheating thousands of fraud victims out of justice and financial redress each year when their funds are stolen by corrupt solicitors. The regulator is content to sacrifice justice in order to avoid paying compensation to victims

More specifically the SRA is :-

1. Failing to prevent or protect legal service users from fraud.

2. Failing to act in the best interests of legal service users in accordance with their remit under the Legal Services Act 2007.

3. Failing to follow correct "Due process" and watering down allegations against solicitors in order to evade claims against the SRA for dishonesty and misappropriation.

4. Failing to take preventative measures to halt fraud by intervening at solicitor firms to limit client losses. Intervention infers solicitor dishonesty, so subjects the SRA to compensation claims. 

5. Failing to facilitate redress through professional indemnity insurance, or via the SRA's own underwhelming and ineffectual compensation scheme of last resort.

6. Failing to be accountable & transparent for lack of "Due Process", deceit, and acts of impropriety against misconduct victims, all of which deny victims justice & redress.

7. Maladministering its compensation scheme on account of its conflicted position, Machiavelian rules, non-independent panel, and its desire to limit its exposure to claims. 

Support this petition for David Gauke to intervene to :-

1. Bring the SRA executives up before the Justice Select Committee for :-

i. Multiple breaches of the Legal Services Act 2007.
ii. Treating victims of fraud with contempt and disdain through deceit and impropriety at odds with SRA's remit to regulate in the public interest.
iii. Dismantling legal service consumer protection through inappropriate and unreasonable regulatory policy.

2. Call for SRA Executives to tender their resignations for their collective irresponsibility in destroying legal service consumer protection (especially against fraud). THERE IS CURRENTLY NO PROTECTION AGAINST SOLICITOR FRAUD.

3. Deny the SRA control of a compensation scheme - a privilege they are abusing and which conflicts with their ability to deliver justice.

4. Reform / Disband the SRA, or repeal the Legal Services Act 2007.

Solicitor fraud is destroying the lives of thousands of people around the world every year after they have placed their trust in solicitors to legally protect their funds.

This petition was created because all the official routes to hold the SRA to account through the Legal Services Board and the Justice Select Committee were met with denials. Written requests by 24 MPs for the SRA to act fairly in relation to SRA claims fell on deaf ears. The CEO simply ignored them and the fact that the SRA had acted improperly. 

Users of legal services are not being protected against solicitor fraud. The SRA is bringing inadequate penalties and permits fraudulent solicitors to return to practice after brief suspensions to inflict more harm. The SRA is breaching its remit under the Legal Services Act 2007 to "Provide swift redress when things go wrong". 

Thank you for your support - please circulate to your colleagues, friends and family.


Colin Rimmer


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