REINSTATE THE REBATE - Give back our Private Health Funding for Naturopathy NOW

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All Australians with Private Health funding for Naturopathy had their rebates removed by the Minister for Health Greg Hunt on April 01 2019. This was based on a review stating Naturopathy wasn't scientific, yet the review deliberately excluded any clinical trials on natural supplements & herbal medicines (page 103 paragraph 2).   

54% of Australians hold private health cover with extras, and this legislation has penalised those who wish to proactively look after their health using science based Naturopathic expertise and successful treatment. While the LNP's Minister for Health Greg Hunt has promised a review of this review, this will cost $2 million and take 12 months, with Naturopath practitioners at risk of business liquidation, and the public missing funding for their health choices in the meantime, all based on a lie.   This Government cover up has not been revealed in general media until June 2019 and the public are unaware of this gross injustice impacting their health care choices.

This legislation needs to be repealed now, and we aim to show the Australian people how their Government deliberately excluded vital evidence. We want a reversal of the legislation and reinstating of the rebate for Naturopathy before it's too late.