LNP, ALP - Please Tax Bot Trading on ASX

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Every minute, every hour, every day on the ASX bot trading is manipulating the share price of listed companies. They do this with trades as small as one share. They do this to distort prices - for example to lower the price of stock for take overs, to create a large advantage when offering finance terms, to gain a cheaper entry.

It is unfair manipulation of Australian's investments. It cheats Australians by distorting the market for the advantage of a select few.

The LNP and the ALP must look at making the financial markets a fair and even playing field once more. 

A small financial transaction tax on EVERY share transaction will lessen bot trading substantially. It will make the market fairer once more.

We call on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to provide leadership on this issue and a level playing field for all investors.