LMSD- No Tests before Midterms

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Due to the recent event of snow days, early dismissals, and late openings, some students have not had class since before break. However, this is not stopping many teachers from trying to cram in an entire unit before Midterms. This simply cannot stand. Students have missed a maximum of 3 class days, and 3 class days is a lot of time in most classes. Due to these events, many students are now having to cram study for both Midterms and Unit Tests. Built into our Health Curriculum is an entire unit (if not many) about Mental Health. If you want to teach us that we need to have good Mental Health, then its time to put your money where your mouth is. Midterms and the studying that comes with them already causes a large amount of stress for most students, and the now imminent Unit tests before the Midterm will add to our stress levels. We are calling on all teachers to drop all unit tests before the Midterms: and put a blackout on all tests for at least 1 week following midterms, to give students time to calm down from Midterm stress and prepare for unit tests as well. We are also calling on all teachers to remove the unit they are currently teaching from their midterms, as we will not have completed the unit yet. 

~LMSD High School Students

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