Lloyds Bank - Stop the Closure

Lloyds Bank - Stop the Closure

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Lloyds Bank

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Started by Christine Caisley


Lloyds Bank have recently announced they will be closing their branch in Ponteland  which is now the only remaining bank in the village,Following closure of NatWest, HSBC and  Barclays .


The Branch serves a community of around 11 000 people in Ponteland and more in other communities further afield such as Otterburn. Lloyds advice to their customers was to go onto on line banking or use other branches. There is no direct transport to other branches.


Our advice to Lloyds is to come up with a real practical solution. A solution that will mean Ponteland residents and local businesses have access to a physical banking presence. A solution that will keep a physical banking presence which safeguards access to cash. 


Our older and more vulnerable community members need a friendly face who can help them avoid scams and fraud. Our children benefit from seeing a bank and learning to keep savings.

Ponteland residents have been burdened by bank closures before. Banks have closed and advised us to use the Post Office, before later reneging on that agreement as well. It is crucial that this doesn't happen again. Every community should have a bank. Sign below to help keep ours.

555 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!