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The decision by Lloyds Bank to moved monthly overdraft fee to daily fees is against human rights under Article 3 on grounds of suffering, hardship and impoverishment and this will have devastating consequences on the finances and lifes of those struggling.

The situation whereby a supposedly planned overdraft is charged to interest every 24hours within  set limits of its planned overdraft is LLOYDS own technicality manipulation aimed at exploiting the populace and should be stopped before it drives people into suicidal mood.

What more is to be read into a planned overdraft as against unplanned overdraft in penalty, where same is to attract fines every 24 hours even when remaining within set limits, for which notice was given and approved not to be said to be conceived in bad faith against statute, principle of natural justice, equity and good conscience.

This current trend by Lloyds Bank over planned overdraft will further drive people who are presently struggling with the harsh reality of life into suicidal mood if they are push to just stand and watch the penalty now placed on their planned overdraft by Lloyd gradually bankrupt them before their very eyes.

A situation whereby a supposedly planned overdraft is now being treated by Lloyds Bank as an unplanned overdraft is unethical.

The facts remains that nobody earns their wages and salary on a daily basis for a planned overdraft to be penalised by way of daily charges will all together contradicts the same reason for granting such planned overdraft and for what purpose.

A situation where Banks would wilfully twist through scheming a bilateral contract of banking into a unilateral of their only agreement that is to be tied to customers without an option should be outlawed as illegal, null, void and unenforceable.

Now is the time for the power that be to call Lloyds Bank and other Banks doing same to order... less the situation gets out of hand.


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