Bring recognition to Tyler, The Creator's unfair exclusion from Australia by feminists.

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Tyler, The Creator is currently banned from the currently due to controversial lyrics in his earlier music. Tyler has just as many rights as any visitor to our amazing country. A community of feminists named Collective Shout, protested Tyler's lyrics in his earlier years of music and as a result, decided to protest him which resulted in tours being cancelled. and Tyler not coming to Australia for the last couple years.

If we can get enough signatures, this will hopefully bring this problem forward so that the media are aware. Recognition will become more apparent and people will start to take action. Tyler's ban was unjustified and I've been in contact with members of Collective Shout and they've tried to excuse any good behavior and force feed any bad behavior. 

Personal story
My name is Lleyton Shipton, and I am a student and musician from Tasmania. I produce and engineer rap and hip hop music, mainly in the trap or alternative genre. I've been heavily inspired by Tyler, The Creator and he's easily my biggest Idol. Fell free to get in contact with me over social media if you have any concerns over this cause. My Instagram is @lleytonshipton :)