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Bring Exo Back To Dallas!!!

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Only just a year ago, Exo, one of the most popular Korean boy bands to exist in Kpop, came to Dallas, Tx to perform their very first North American concert for their Exoluxion tour. It was exciting, and definitely got waves of attention! People came from all over to see them in Texas, and especially at the airport. Tickets sold out fast. It was hard for people to get tickets from others that were selling their own. However, it wasn't until news got out that Kai and Yixing was not going to be able to make the concert, and that made fans refund their tickets. It was a disaster, and that was when seats were left open in the venue. The promoter that set the tour up was MMT, who was behind the screw ups. Kai had a visa problem, and Yixing was too busy to attend the concerts. Now, it is said that Exo will possibly not come back to Dallas as promised so I decided to take action, whether it be big or small. I can't just sit back, and let us Texas fans get stepped on while the usual places get concerts.

It's not fair, and never has been.

So, please please please take out literally 5 seconds of your time, and sign this petition to get SM Entertainment's attention, and hopefully get EXO back to Texas when they do launch another NA tour! We can do this, it just takes a little bit of effort, and time!

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