Ban Crittertrail hamster cages that are way too small for a living creature.

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Hamsters are animals that in the wild can travel up to 8 miles in one night. This means these creatures need a large amount of floor space in order to live a happy, quality life.

You may have heard of the brand “Crittertrail” this brand sells cages that are far too small for any hamster or rodent to live a quality life.

Hamsters immune system lowers when subjected to large amounts of stress. Being kept in such a small cage leads to tremendous amount of stress. This leads to diseases such as wet tail that is basically a death sentence to any hamster.

Not to mention other side effects from these small cages are territorial, inability to tame, aggressiveness, stress, restlessness, and more.

My own best friend had one of these cages, her hamster bar chewed, escaped, and had obvious signs of stress, he was aggressive, didn’t want to be touched, and died of wet tail due to huge amounts of stress.

The target audience of this kind of cage is to young children and uneducated adults being sold by its bright colors, tube exstentions, pet store employees, and persuading words.

Hamsters are miserable in these cages. They’re quality of life quickly plummets, and it can silently kill without the owner even knowing it. Hamsters are beings and deserve a quality life.