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Maple Avenue North: Where the Sidewalk Dangerously Ends

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Complete the Sidewalk Loop on Maple Avenue North Before Its Too Late

Children and adults aren't safe on Maple Avenue North between Long Lots Road and Hyde Lane.  The lack of a sidewalk, shoulder, bike lane or even grass on this well-walked, high-traffic stretch of road so close to Long Lots Elementary School is appalling. It is virtually the only stretch of road so close to Long Lots School that doesn't have a sidewalk making it a dangerous gap in an otherwise highly trafficked pedestrian loop. We must create a safe route to school for children in this area, as well as the many adults who use this road.

This Unsafe Stretch of Road is an Accident Waiting to Happen
The number of children and adults walking on Maple Avenue North is high, and unfortunately the dangers and safety concerns on the stretch of road between Long Lots Road and Hyde Lane are equally high, making it a precarious journey.

-There are several sharp, blind curves on this stretch of road. There have been numerous car accidents in just the last few years alone. It’s almost daily that cars, trucks or trailers swerve narrowly missing pedestrians (including young children) they didn’t expect to see as they turn the corner while driving.

-There are areas of the road where the shoulder is non-existent.  Crossing the double yellow line road at these points with cars exceeding 40mph, doesn’t solve the problem as the shoulder is just as narrow on the other side of the street. In the winter, snow and ice make this even more treacherous.

-There are points along this stretch of road where bushes block the shoulder and the grass completely, leaving literally nowhere for anyone to walk other then in the high traffic, high speed, dangerously curved road. 

-Cars race down this stretch of road en route to Greens Farms train station, more often then not speeding to catch a train.

-Large vehicles (school busses, trailers from The Hunt Club, etc.) are a regularity on this road making it difficult for traffic on both sides of the road to pass each other easily, even without any pedestrians vying for road space.

Safeguard our Students and this Neighborhood

Beginning in the early morning hours and continuing throughout the day, Maple Avenue North is a busy pedestrian route with students of all ages and a mix of local employees, school staff and neighborhood residents:  elementary schoolers walking to school, middle and high school students walking to bus stops, Hunt club employees and other daily commuters walking from the Greens Farms train station to their place of employment, school employees on break, joggers, cyclists, pet owners and many more.   Many of these children and adults have to navigate this dangerous stretch of road on a daily basis.

Act Now, Show Your Support
Sign this petition! Voice your concern to our town officials so they address this major safety problem. In early October, many in Westport celebrated the annual International Walk to School Day where families are encouraged to walk with their children to school to show support for increasing the safety of our sidewalks and routes to school. Maple Avenue North between Hyde Lane and Long Lots Road is not safe.  It's not safe for our motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and our children.  Implore our town officials to help protect our children and the community by addressing the dangers on this stretch of road.

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