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CMH to continue to fund patients at the Brighton methadone clinic (the Brighton Center)

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This is a petition for CMH to continue funding the Brighton methadone clinic. CMH informed the clinic, who then informed us, that they're cutting the funding for clients and if we want to continue to be funded we have to transfer to other clinics, and we have about 6 weeks to do so. The nearest clinics are in Ann arbor and Wixom. Most people who are government funded do not have the transportation, the time, or the money to travel so far every single day.

If these people lose their funding, they lose their treatment. Which causes relapse and eventually death. Medication assisted treatment is the #1 most successful form of addiction treatment in the United States. This clinic not only gives out medication, as a part of treatment each client does groups and individual counseling sessions. Methadone saved my life. I had tried every other alternative, I now have two years clean on methadone. If this form of treatment is taken from Livingston county residents, there will certainly be relapse and most likely death. On top of that the people who aren't ready to get sober yet, when they are ready they won't have the option of using the most successful form of treatment.

These people are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. They are your neighbor, your local salesman, your friend. They just need a little bit of help.

And this help isn't going to be available anymore because of fucking POLITICS. because Livingston county doesn't want a methadone clinic in their area. That's apparently too "embarrassing". But wouldn't it be more embarrassing if the overdose death rates went up? Whether anyone likes it or not, Livingston county has an opiate EPIDEMIC. I have lost more people to this than I can count.

I'm sorry but in my opinion people's lives are more important than this counties reputation. Which is not at stake at all, btw, because every other county around us has multiple addiction treatment options. Except for us. We have two.

These people who are going to lose their treatment, they feel they have no opinion but to relapse if they lose their methadone. You may not know this but quitting dosing abruptly is dangerous, and can keep a person feeling sick for up to two months. These people have children to take care of, jobs to maintain. These people are my friends. I've been venting to them in group every week for two years and I love them.

This is inhumane, disrespectful, and quite frankly disgusting to do this. To take away people's funding for treatment in their county and give them 6 weeks to figure it out. Btw CMH hasn't even informed the clients yet. The owner of our clinic did. Their letters to us haven't even went out yet.

I have a 5 month son I don't want to drag 45 minutes away every morning in the snow. I cannot afford the gas, I don't have the time, and I'll only be able to even do this if I'm able to get my license and insurance on my car within 6 weeks. Everyone else I know are now in similar situations.

Screw the fact that you don't want a methadone clinic in your county. These are people's lives.

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