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Reform the Laws to help dads get jobs to pay their child support

    The laws we have today are unrealistic and unfair for fathers in this state to get, keep, or stay at jobs to pay their child support. More and more dads and being put in jail for frailer to pay child support after the state takes their means of obtaining and keep a job.They take their drivers license, security license, etc.. along with a 6 month sentience of jail time, to which, no money is being paid and their support just gets higher and harder to pay off. Most end up back 2 to 3 months after they get out due to the incarceration. They are taken away from their families including the child they are trying to support. I don't see how this helps anyone. Take way their means to get a job in these times were jobs are becoming less and less available. Especially in small towns which i live in.

As a mother who gets child support and the wife of a man desperately trying to find a job not only to pay child support of a child he barely sees, but to keep himself out of jail for his family, i have seen it from both sides and find it ridicules! Once upon a time the laws in place made sense and for certain cases still make sense. But giving these guys less of a chance to get a job only makes the problem worse.

The Social Services Lawyers are pushing constantly for jail time which helps no one! By the way, for those who live in Livingston County, the judge has to abide by what the social services lawyer proposes happens to you. That;s a fact! The judge has told my husband to his face that he doesn't think jail helps at all and he doesn't like to put people in jail but, if the DSS lawyer won't budge or reconsider the judge has to put you in jail. Did you know that? and most judges don't follow the child support laws posted on their own websites For example: a max of 6 months in jail are reserved for only for those who are $6,000 behind on child support. However. People are being jail for the max sentence at $2-4,000. Some owing far more get weekends in jail while those owning less get the full max sentence.

It is in my shared opinion, that it would be more constructive for the dads to be treated more like some one on Social Services then to be treated worse then a criminal. At least criminals get out on good behavior. Dads should be locked into a job that only pays for the child support until they get a better job. That way moms and their children are still receiving money while the dads have a chance to make things better for all parties involved.

It is my belief that only if the dads refuse to work these "locked in" jobs, then take their license, or put them in jail. That is understandable because the dad will then be willfully neglecting their responsibility.

It's not only time for a change but, it's overdue for one! Help us today change things that should have been years ago when the government knew that this procedure doesn't work! Time to take a stand!  We are prepared to Protest if need be until we get a decent reform.

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