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Keep the old chairs at LW and allow students to take backpacks to class again

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Living Word has replaced the old chairs with uncomfortable plastic stools that don't stay in one position. A new rule also require students to put their phones in pouches before class. Backpacks are also no longer allowed to be carried for class to class which makes organization much more difficult.

The students who sign this petition respectively disagree with these decisions and would like a change. Punishment for those sleeping in class and using cell phones without authorization should be given, without punishing the rest of the students. For example, a letter should be sent home and require a parents signature. If the student fails to bring the letter back in whatever time he/she feels fit, they will receive a detention. The $20 rule is too much and feels wrong and over the top for some teachers. This is why a punishment is needed that students fear and teachers aren't afraid to enforce.


As for a solution for the stools, it is unreasonable to expect immediate change. We just would like to ask that the stools will eventually be replaced with chairs like the previous ones. In  some classrooms there aren't enough stools for ever desk, so some are filled with regular chairs. This could cause drama in a lot of classes because students will want to fight over the chairs. This makes it more important to replace the stools quickly. 

The fire hazard argument can be an issue, but there are certain measures students can take to make the hallways and classrooms more safe in the case of a fire. during lunch and chapel students should be required to leave their backpacks in/by their lockers to clear the hallway. Student should also be aware of backpacks that may be in the way and lean them against their desks or put them underneath.

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