Lives Are at Risk! Cars Are Getting Damaged! Fix Our Roads

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 We are honestly tired of having to dodge potholes.

Today I drove along Harare Drive and because I wasn’t aware of where the potholes are, I hit into one and my car got damaged. Shortly after (about 15-20 mins after) another car hit into the same pothole and got their car damaged. I was only there for 30-40 minutes and in that time 2 cars including mine got damaged. Now imagine how many cars are getting damaged in A DAY in Harare Drive only! 

Before this terrible incident, I took my car for servicing and they gave me a long list of issues it had which resulted to a total amount of USD $1000 to fix the damages. The damages they listed included; new tyre and rim replacements, shock absorber, wheel bearing and ball joints. I earnestly asked them what caused all these problems, and their answer was short and simple, POTHOLES! Nothing else, just potholes and bad roads.

I am tired of being billed so much money I can’t afford and having to master a technique of dodging potholes that I wasn't even taught in the highway code. 

So many people are complaining among themselves from myself, to my family, and my community. No-one says anything to the authorities because we feel it’s something that is quite evident to everyone.

I honestly don't want to see more cars getting damaged and most importantly putting the LIVES of people at RISK.

We are not asking you to surface brand new roads for us though that would be excellent, we are simply asking you to START and start somewhere! Starting off by patching up potholes, with concrete material,  in main roads like Harare Drive will go a LONG WAY and I am sure many of us will be grateful.

All we want is to see some action because when we see action, we know our voices are being heard.

It really is time to TAKE ACTION and there is no better time than NOW!


 Article written: 17 March 2018