Liverpool FC reduce cost of Nike home strip

Liverpool FC reduce cost of Nike home strip

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GRAHAM DOHERTY started this petition to Liverpool Football Club

As Liverpool supporters we have endured a bumpy ride over the last 30 Years to where we are now. We have supported the club through good and bad times and been loyal to the club. The cost of the new Nike home strip is extremely overpriced and not affordable for many supporters. We ask Liverpool football club to address the pricing of the new home strip to reward the supporters that have been loyal to the club for many years. Liverpool supporters played a huge part in the recent success many would claim that without the loyal support of Liverpool fans the success over the last 12-18 month would not have been possible. Although Nike set the prices of the kits Liverpool football club agreed to this deal. We simply ask the club to do everything in there power to make the new home strip more affordable for supporters. We want to support our great club and wear our shirts with pride as champions of England.

Liverpool will play there home games in the new red vapour shirt next season the cost of this shirt is £99.95 this increases to £113.95 if you would like to add PL patches. There is also additional costs if you want to have a name and number.

i sent the following email to LFC... 

Good Afternoon,

First of all i would like to send my congratulations to Jurgen the squad and all staff involved in the absolutely amazing achievements over the past 2 seasons i have been an avid Liverpool supporter since i was a young child and the last 2 seasons have been incredible for me as a fan seeing my team lift the premier league trophy is something I've wanted to see for such a long time and brought me to tears so for that i truly thank all involved. 

I wanted to send this email to the club to discuss the pricing around the new Nike home Kit. As you know there are 2 versions of the strip available on the Nike website however i am extremely disappointed with the pricing. Being an avid Liverpool supporter i have purchased every home strip for several years always with patches however this year the price for a replica shirt is £60 and there is usually an additional charge of around £15 to have badges put on that is a total of £75 the issue is that this isn't the shirt the team will wear if i want to buy that shirt I'm told i have to pay £100 + the cost of patches this saddens me because i simply can not afford to pay that amount i feel like the price is extortionate and many fans like myself simply won't be able to afford it in normal circumstances and especially in a time where a global pandemic has caused financial burden on so many people around our great planet. As i mentioned i have purchased all the home shirts for a long period of time mounting to a substantial amount of money  and it saddens me that first time i won't be able to this season and even worse that its the first time Liverpool and there supporters can display the gold Premier League Champions patch. I feel that we are lucky to have amazing owners like Fenway Sports Group who have always listened to fans when any issues occur for example the ticket pricing incident when the new main stand opened(which is beautiful by the way I've sat on it on several occasions and the luxury and view it offers is outstanding) and more recently the issue with furloughing staff FSG have always shown class and done everything possible to make sure fans are happy. I would like to request that this email be forwarded to the relevant department and the issue be addressed. I love Liverpool Football club and wear my shirt with pride and have done for many years through the bad times we have endured and the good. I simply ask that the pricing around this shirt is looked at and made more affordable i would love to wear the latest shirt and display those gold badges but I'm afraid at that price i can't paying £100 for a single piece of clothing is not affordable for me and I'm sure there are many fans out there that feel the same.  

Once again i would like to congratulate all involved in the amazing achievements and hope to get a response soon.

I received this response..,.

Hi Graham,

Thank you so much for your email.
We’re delighted and overwhelmed with the messages of support and congratulations, not just from Liverpool FC supporters but from football fans all over the world.

I'm sorry you feel this way about our new kit and partnership with Nike. We are very proud and excited about the new kit release. 

In terms of the price of this year’s kit, it is in line with other Nike branded clubs both in the English Premier League and across Europe. The price is something that Nike set for all their clubs.

The quality of the kit is one of the best we have released. The LFC Nike Stadium jersey has the same overall design to the player’s kit and is manufactured from a fabric that contains many of the same technological features, with regard to helping to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. It is available in an easy-to-wear standard fit and is made from 100% recycled polyester fabric. The liverbird crest on the front chest has been embroidered, for a premium finish appreciated by LFC fans.

We have made the vapor shirt available for those fans who do want to spend that bit more to have the shirt the players would wear.

If I can be of help further, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for your continued support.


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