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Liverpool Council should open more derelict houses for all homeless people

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There is a big misconception that homelessness is just drunk men sleeping rough on the streets, or otherwise know as 'street sleepers', however, there are lots of types of homelessness, another one being families living in temporary accommodation.

Therefore, our campaign is aimed to help anyone that is experiencing any form of homelessness by requesting Liverpool council to open derelict houses in more areas in Liverpool. We are hoping to gather the attention of the Liverpool City Council and the residents of Liverpool; to encourage everyone to give as much aid as they can- to this, not only local, but national issue as well. 

This campaign is very important to us, and you because homelessness can affect everyone, at anytime. Being homeless is not something that is planned, everyday people lose their jobs or are evicted from their homes, thus leaving them stranded. It is time for people to stop ignoring an increasing problem and instead figure out a solution to fix it. Hence, why we should all align together, sign this petition, and, hopefully, open more derelict houses around the area of Liverpool.

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