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We the undersigned demand Liverpool City Council issue a 'Deed of Easement' to the developments next door to 24 Kitchen Street.

This will mean that new residents moving into the new development will have to sign a document waiving their rights to complain about noise from the club. There is a precedent for this set in other venues around the country such as Ministry of Sound, The Stables  and George Tavern. 

Crowdfunder for legal costs: https://www.gofundme.com/f/save24kitchenstreet

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We have just learned that Liverpool City Council are looking to give permission for the neighbouring block of flats to install windows that will, according to acoustic surveys conducted both on our behalf and the developer, almost certainly lead to noise complaints once residents move in (Sept 2020).  

As has happened with venues up and down the country, noise complaints get venues shut down.

In future, they are suggesting that we seek Temporary Event Notices (you’re allowed 15 per year), in order to host the louder and more bass heavy music events (they use the example of a reggae concert).

This will be destructive to our creative programme, affecting as much as half the events we run including genres such as techno, punk and bass. We are not prepared to accept this, and realistically would rather shut our doors than work under such restrictive conditions.

This news has come mere weeks after the council, supposedly, adopted the 'Agent of Change' policy protecting music venues.Liverpool City Council have shown once again that they have no time, and no space, for grass-roots Music and Culture in Liverpool. 

Since we have not been proven to be a noise nuisance, it is unfair that we should have to change and limit the way we operate to save a developer money.