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Open Liverpool's Cold Weather Shelter in extreme weather conditions

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The morale on the streets is at such an all time low and spirits are getting crushed by a combination of weather, rules, prejudice and people's attitudes. However no matter how desperate and down our friends are they always welcome us with smiles, hugs and love. I can't stress enough how much I love being around our guys as they are the most polite, grateful, funny, loving people. It's absolutely soul destroying watching them fade away from themselves but we will never stop being there for them.
      The conditions our rough sleepers are facing are horrendous and they have had everything destroyed by the torrential rain. Sleeping bags soaked through, feet so wet that its made grown men cry with the pain. We are literally losing people as out guys are literally DYING out there! In this day and age we cannot stand by and do nothing! 

     We appreciate that our amazing City is one of only a few flagship ones to raise the temperature to 2degrees from zero for our Cold Weather Shelter but we need it to be changed to '2degrees or times of severe weather '. Come on Liverpool City Council let's show Britain how amazing Merseyside is. Let's put the HUMAN back in HUMANITY. We will NOT stand back whilst people are DYING on our streets.

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