Object to the Building of a Boarding House in a quiet Suburban Street

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Please sign our petition in Objection to a Boarding House Application with Liverpool City Council. DA-612/2018, 23 Templeton Crescent, Moorebank NSW.

The Residents of this Quiet, family friendly Suburban Street, (many long term residents, dating back to the 1960's) strongly object to this Proposed dwelling for 23 Residents (including an onsite Manager) for many reasons, including;

Traffic - the current narrow road, struggles already with too many cars, and this dwelling would have 7 car parking spaces (however accommodates 23 people, so where would the extra cars be parked? - obviously on the road) The risk is greatly increased, for pedestrians, as there is no pathway. Not to mention people coming and going and the danger to children.

A Boarding House does not suit the Character of the Street.
What kind of Residents will the Boarding House have? will they be police checked? There are a lot of Children who live in this street, and even more Grandchildren who come to visit regularly. We obviously have concerns here, as the turnaround of residents can be 3 months. That is a lot of Strangers in this small community.
Water Pressure
The water pressure in Templeton Cres. has long been an issue for current residents, you cannot have 2 water sources running at the same time,this monstrosity of a development with 23 residents would further impede on the Current Water Pressure.

Local Infrastucture
There are already no parking spaces at the Shopping Centre or the Local Train Station, or enough seats on local busses in peak hour.

These are just a few of the reasons this application should be rejected, please view other objections on www.planningalerts.com.au and add your objection aswell!

Please also send your objections to www.planningalerts.org.au and to lcc@liverpool.nsw.gov.au quoting the above address and DA#.