Liverpool City Council Declare Climate Emergency

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Every year as summer approaches we prepare ourselves for bush fires, it is only November and yet we have had our first in Hammondville. Our lives, our property our future.

We have elected a state and national government with little interest in acting on climate change. Yet the science is irrefutable and if we don't act now we are risking our children's future. Fortunately councils have the substantial power to invest in cleaner energy infrastructure and transport and to preserve and grow our natural environment. If they work together across the country, they can form a cohesive movement to combat climate change!

That's why I am calling on Liverpool City Council to declare a climate emergency. 

More than 60 per cent of Australians agree with the sentiment that "Global warming is a serious and pressing problem." The UK became the first country in the world to declare a national climate emergency in May 2019. Here in Australia, it was Darebin Council in Melbourne who became the first council in the world to recognise the climate emergency in December 2016.

We have been given 12 years to drastically reduce emissions, lest our world warm to the point where humans face an existential threat.  We cannot wait until the next Federal election. We need all action at all levels of government.

I am calling on my local council to respect the will of the people and embrace climate action. We request that you declare a climate emergency.  This would demonstrate a concrete commitment, a willingness to stand together and fight to prevent the largest threat of our times.

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Save us from a climate crisis, before it’s too late. Declare a climate emergency, today.